Jay busting out more huge outlines!! It don’t matter the noises you make, the words you say, or if you cry, if you sit still it gets done fast! This outline took about an hour and a half…with breaks!!!…stop in and book today!


Jay is an award winning artist from Connecticut, with 23 years of professional tattooing under his belt. Having done his first tattoos at just 12 years old, he sought out an apprenticeship at the age of 17, and hasn’t looked back since. In 1999, Jay moved to Florida and continued to perfect his craft, working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, and has been featured in several magazines. After 17 years in the sun, Jay has found himself back in Connecticut. Working here at Paper City Tattoo. While Jay is known for his bold and bright use of color, he is very proficient in many styles, and can always come up with great tattoo ideas.